What IS a MOTHER’S Love Like? Answers Abound in (in)Courage Community’s Latest Devotional

A PatSays Book Review for LifeWay Publishers


Did you know, Devotional Readers, that DaySpring encompasses more than producing Christian greeting cards and products? It’s true. But, then, maybe you already got there ahead of me on that one. Had I not selected one of DaySpring community’s latest books,  A Mother’s Love, Celebrating Every Kind of Mom, to read and to write this review, I may still be unaware of their “bigger picture”.

So, is this a book review on, one, the love of mothers?; two, a book reviewer’s confession to her latest-in-life discovery?; or three, a Hail-to-DaySpring post? Hopefully, you guessed numbers one and three, because, those are the correct answers.

A MOTHER’S LOVE, Celebrating Every Kind of Mom, a 148- page journal, is compiled of 40 softly drawn illustrations and personal contributions from more than two dozen women writers, whose stories–like mosaic art within mosaic art–form one complete work: voices telling stories about Mom-Hood. It connects to its readers by providing “Reflections”, lined pages with adequate space to pen their own thoughts.

(In)courage Community aims to help the hearts of women through literature like, A MOTHER’S LOVE. Inside its pages, lies one story after another one–some, unique and inspiring; while others, ordinary, necessary, and maybe a little mundane. These revealed experiences come from those who are “Moms”, or have “Mommied” in their own individual ways: sometimes alone, sometimes afraid, and sometimes without hope.  These moms do not seek fame and rewards; nor, does the book contain praises of their great parenting skills, nor of any special “Mommy-Hood Heroics”.  No one “struts her stuff”, and no one speaks of desiring to win an Oscar for her great mommy performances. A MOTHER’S LOVE, Celebrating Every Kind of Mom resounds as one biblical LOVE account that leads to an expected denouement. As a devotional-praise book, A MOTHER’S LOVE offers a “two-edged-sword” theme: on one side it says, “Let’s celebrate a mother’s love; while, on the other side is, “Let’s also celebrate the One who created Moms– God Himself. And, let’s also celebrate His Son, Jesus, Savior and Lord, and the indwelling Holy Spirit–whose Fruit names first, Love, called Agape. Through A MOTHER’S LOVE, Celebrating Every Kind of Mom, (in)courage community offers an opportunity for  women to begin the Agape Love journey, in hopes that these women, too, may and will one day join them and CELEBRATE!

Mrs. Patricia Ann Timbrook, Children’s Book Reviewer/Christian Boo k Reviewer, May 29,  2020.