What Sadie Sang

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When Sadie’s mother takes her for a walk around the neighborhood, the toddler can’t help but joyfully exclaim “Gee!” from her stroller. As the two walk past various animals, people, and objects, Sadie continues to greet them individually with the same expression. While passersby misunderstand Sadie’s noises as ones of pain or agitation, Sadie’s mother remains unconcerned, instead recognizing her daughter’s exclamation of wonder for what it is— a song.  

Though short and simple, this sweet picture book shares an important message with parents of toddlers about understanding and supporting children through these early stages in speech development. The story will delight young children as they too begin to identify the commonplace objects in our world for the first time. Accompanied by Rice’s whimsical illustrations— each perfectly paired to match the text—parents can use this book to teach their child the names of these objects, while inspiring in them Sadie’s sense of delight and curiosity.

Great as a bedtime story or as an eventual reading tool, WHAT SADIE SANG, is a book that stands the test of time and can grow with a small child through the phases of their life.

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