What Things “Wa-Hooed!” on Easter Morning? Find out in this PatSays Review of New Kids’ Book


Some… pitter-pattered, and some, croaked. Some howled and some soared. Some swooped, or cooed, or hopped and bopped, while others did much more.

In a new 2020 board book, published by B & H Kids, titled THE QUIET/CRAZY EASTER DAY, written by Jill Roman Lord and illustrated by Kelly Breemer, children see a world explode into excitement following the resurrection of Jesus, God’s Son. The writer uses many animal sounds, people’s actions, and an angel to express what could have happened on Easter morning; and the illustrator delights the reader with happy characters throughout the 24 pages.

This book definitely offers a creative new look into our Lord’s Resurrection Morning for young children; and is produced in a square, but thick, picture book that will survive readings or chewing for years to come. Although the word “crazy” is in the title below the crossed-out word, “quiet”, (maybe for attention), perhaps a better word like “noisy” might have been used, since children today may interpret crazy to mean weird, or insane. Or maybe, kids won’t ponder it at all. However, The Quiet/Crazy Easter Day truthfully parallels the biblical account of Christ’s rising from the dead. And for that, believers can shout, Aleluya!

Mrs. Patricia Ann Timbrook, PatSays, children’s book reviewer, February 10,2020. https://patriciatimbrook.wordpress.com/2020/02/10/what-things-wa-hooed-on-easter-morning-find-out-on-this-patsays-review-of-new-kids-book