Wonder by R.J Palacio

 Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Published in 2012, when Wonder was first released it was very popular through all age groups. Since then it has been made into a film, which portrays the book perfectly, a rare occurrence in my opinion. Although I haven’t seen Wonder on a reading list for a while, I think it is a really great book, that provides a more unusual take on the world, through the eyes of a young boy names Auggie Pullman.
Auggie has a serious medical condition, resulting in a disfigured face, and has therefore been homeschooled by his mother due to various hospital visits. The book begins with Auggie’s mixed feelings about starting school for the first time, and what he believes the other kids will think of him. Following a tour of the school, he slowly gets used to the environment, even making a few friends. Unfortunately, he encounters some bullies, and struggles to overcome this challenge. Auggie also attends a school trip, on which he faces several more challenges, each more adverse.
The perspective of the book switches every few chapters, between Auggie’s perspective, his sister Via’s perspective, and occasionally that of his friends. This enables the reader to better understand the thoughts and emotions of each character, contributing to the compelling read that this is.
Auggie & Me, also by R.J. Palacio, provides insight on how Auggie has impacted the lives of bully Julian, oldest friend Christopher, and classmate Charlotte, and is also an amazing read. I would recommend though that you read Wonder first, otherwise Auggie & Me may either spoil Wonder or confuse you!
Wonder is probably one of my favourite books, and will always be one of the first books that comes to mind when someone asks me for a recommendation. The characterisation coupled with a unique view on the world, makes this book so exciting! I would definitely recommend to any 11 year old or older, but any adult would probably also enjoy it!
FictionFan1 Rating: 10/10

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About the author: R.J. Palacio is an American writer, and has written several novels for children, the most famous of which being Wonder, which has been turned into a film.

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