Wonderful News About I Wonder: Exploring God’s Grand Story, my First Children’s Bible!

When I first started writing, ten years ago, and when my first book was published, seven years ago, I never, ever thought I’d be able to write a children’s Bible – but here it is….

Containing 30 stories from the Old and New Testaments, I Wonder: Exploring God’s Grand Story is much more than a retelling of the familiar, much-loved stories. Through the inclusion of ‘I Wonder’ questions, this new title invites children to ponder how they might be part of God’s grand story too… because they are.

I Wonder releases just two weeks TODAY, and I have a fabulous pack of goodies to send your way, free of charge, when you preorder from your favorite retailer, Amazon, or Baker Book House, where your signed copy will be 20% off. Keep reading to find out what you’ll receive when you send me a screenshot of your preorder…

Your free, preorder goody bag contains:

  1. This adorable sheet of stickers:

2. This signed, personalized, self-adhesive bookplate that I’d love to sign for you, your child, your grandchild or the children of your church:

3. This lovely bookmark:

You can email your screenshot to me: glenysnellist@gmail.com or send it to me by private message on Facebook.

Stay tuned for all the exciting events happening when the book releases, including a ten-stop-blog-hop with giveaways, a video interview, and a special evening event with me on October 21st at Baker Book House!

In the meantime, watch the adorable video that just released today, and then enter this whopping 25 book giveaway on Goodreads.

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