Would YOU Win the Renaissance Man Competition?

In More Than Just a Pretty Face, Danyal must try to win The Renaissance Man competition if he ever hopes to show the world he is more than his pretty face! But the question is – could YOU win the Renaissance Man competition? Find out!

Would you win the Renaissance Man competition?


Hurray – coming as no surprise to you the glory is all yours. Not only do you win the trophy and prize money, but you walk away with the most important thing – bragging rights. You worked hard and knew your topic.


I’m sorry to say that you are NOT the Renaissance Man. You thought for sure no one would beat you, so you didn’t put that much effort into it and that hurt you in the long run. I hope you see this as a lesson that even with a great deal of confidence you have to work at things.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! No one is more surprised than you are. You didn’t even want to be in this competition but look at you now – The Renaissance Man. Sticking to your gust really paid off. Don’t spend all that prize money in one place.


Maybe time next. You worked hard and did the best you could, but the competition was fierce, and everyone really brought their A game. But that shouldn’t take away from how proud of yourself you should be. Winning isn’t everything.

The renaissance man competition is coming up how do make sure you’re picked?

Which department are you representing?

What is your topic?

Are you playing it safe and talking about the topic in a way you know the teacher would love?

How do you work on your assignment?