Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies – Children Book Review

A super fun storybook about a zombie kid Mo Romero who loves veggies! Yes, you read it right – a kid who loves to eat vegetables. Tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini – he loves them all. It seems perfect, isn’t it? But there is a small twist in the story. Mo’s parents hate vegetables and they insist on eating only zombie cuisine, made of brain, blood, fingers, and more. They tell Mo over and over that zombies don’t eat veggies! But Mo can’t imagine a lifetime of just eating zombie food and giving up his favorite veggies. Does Mo start eating zombie cuisine or he could change his parents? Read this funny story to know more.

There are many reasons to love this book but our top two would be:

  • It’s a great twist on parents who struggle to get their children to eat vegetables. In this one, the child actually loves vegetables and greens whereas the parents don’t
  • It has a beautiful message about accepting your child the way he/she is, about celebrating the uniqueness of each vegetable and about not changing yourself to suit others.

Loved it from start to end – humorous, cute, and packed with gorgeous illustrations this one is a great read for children and adults alike.

You know what’s more wonderful? This one is available as a read-aloud session by many including Jaime Camil at Storyline Online. You can listen to this awesome story here.

Author & Illustrator – Jorge Lacera, Megan Lacera

Suitable for: Below 9 years (actually adults too ;))

Available to buy on amazon here

Do give it a try and let me know if your little one liked it.

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